Ernest Justice Ampong

Ernest Justice Ampong is the Administrator at the Diaspora Affairs, Office of the President. He is responsible for overseeing the overall day to day running of the office.

Ernest Justice Ampong was a member of the committee that successfully organized the Diaspora Homecoming Summit 2019 and also a key member of the finance committee. He is responsible for meeting with directors and CEOs from reputable organizations to present proposals and budgets of the Ghana Diaspora Homecoming Summit for sponsorship. Some of these companies include Free Zones, Goil, Interplast, Exim Bank, ADB Bank, RIA Money transfer, and more. Ernest negotiated on the best sponsorship package to raise a total of GHC 270,000 within the shortest possible time for the project.

His core skill area include great interpersonal skills which he use to promote the interest of Diaspora return to Ghana for investment and development.

Ernest holds a BA (Hons) in Banking and Finance with Economics and Law from London Metropolitan University. MSc in Accounting and Finance from University of Wales.

Ernest, leverage his multi-cultural knowledge, experience and exposure to the service of the historic, continental and third generation Diaspora who visit the Diaspora Affairs Office of the President. He played a significant role in the issuance of Ghanaian Citizenship to 125 applicants in December 2022. His commitment is to provide unrivalled service to the satisfaction of our diaspora community who return home with warmth and respect for diversity.

Ernest is a professional who values continuous learning and improvement. He is a team player who possesses excellent communication skills, persuasion, and collaboration, and he is capable of critical thinking. He encourages our diaspora who return home to use the Diaspora office.