Who We Are



We envision a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship between Ghana and her Diaspora community for socio-economic development


To efficiently harness, mobilise, and steer Ghanaian resources in the Diaspora for political inclusion, economic and socio-cultural development.

Our mission is achieved through a multi-stakeholder coordination approach, involving government ministries, Ghanaian Associations Abroad, the private sector, non-profit organizations and International organizations.

The Diaspora Affairs, Office of the President (DAOOP), was established in February 2017. It is headed by a Director, assisted by a Deputy Director, an Administrator and a Youth Ambassador. The objective behind establishing the DAOOP at the Presidency, emphasises the importance the government places on the contributions Ghanaians in the Diaspora make to the economy. Ghanaians in the Diaspora, serve in building bridges between their country of residence and Ghana by providing market access, sources of expertise, knowledge, investment and technology.
The Ghanaian Diaspora is considered an ally and a strategic resource by the Government of Ghana in her development efforts. It is currently estimated that an annual inflow of about $5.0 billion comes to Ghana formally and informally through remittance from Ghanaians in the diaspora.
The DAOOP works in partnership with other State institutions, Ghanaian associations abroad, international organisations and NGOs to promote the interest of Ghanaians in the diaspora, explore more meaningful ways the diaspora could contribute to Ghana’s socio-economic development and creating awareness about the negative effects of irregular migration