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Director of Diaspora Affairs Welcomes Director of Graduate Studies, African Studies, Howard University

On the 28th of July 2022, Director of Diaspora Affairs Mr. Akwasi Awua-Ababio welcomed Professor Msia Clark, Director of Graduate Studies of the African Studies program at Howard University, Washington DC to his office at the presidency.

Prof. Clark introduced herself and explained the purpose of her visit as one of facilitating connections between the African Studies department at Howard University and several institutions across the African continent. Through these connections, she is of the expectation that support systems can be developed where students from the country could be aided by means of funding to pursue their studies at Howard. Moreover, the support systems would also include Howard students who intend to pursue research studies in Ghana.

Responding to her proposals, Mr. Ababio welcomed the potential partnership as one which fits the office of Diaspora Affairs’ mandate of reaching out and supporting the African diaspora. He emphasised the office’s support of a potential collaboration. Mr. Ababio shared with Prof. Clark that the major challenge of Ghanaian students admitted to schools in the USA was overcoming the initial hurdles to actually get there. However once in their respective schools, Ghanaian students were innovative to maintain themselves in their schools. As a means of lessening some of these challenges, Mr. Ababio suggested the University could talk to potential organisations and work places which would employ such students in fields connected to their studies thereby allowing them to make some money to take care of some expenses.

Prof. Clark welcomed the suggestion as one she would put before the Chairperson of African Studies. She also mentioned the impact of the Year of Return as one which has got Black circles in the diaspora talking and engaging with Ghana. She further extended the courtesy to have Mr. Ababio as a guest of the department of African Studies whenever he is to find himself in Washington DC.

In their company were two incoming Howard PhD students from Ghana -Amartey Rashid Laryea and Yaw Mankatah Asare.

H.E. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo Welcomes The Current Remaining Survivors of 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre to the Presidency

On 19th August 2021, H.E. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo welcomed Viola Fletcher, Hughes Van Ellis and an accompanying delegation to the seat of Ghana’s Presidency Jubilee House. 

H.E. The President welcomes the delegation to the Presidency

On May 31st through to June 1st, 1921, homes and businesses in Greenwood District, Tulsa, Oklahoma were attacked and destroyed by mobs of white people leaving many of the Black people who had built for themselves a viable community and businesses dead and hospitalized. 

Mother Fletcher addresses the President

This year, 2021 marks the centenary of this unfortunate event. Coincidentally, this centenary feeds into Ghana’s Beyond the Return initiative, an offshoot of the Year of Return 2019 and Ghana has been blessed to have as a part of the memorial of the former and celebration of the latter, the presence of the last two remaining survivors of the Tulsa Race massacre: Viola Fletcher known as ‘Mother Fletcher’ (107 years old) and her younger brother Hughes Van Ellis known as ‘Uncle Redd’ (100 years old). It had been the wish of the duo to visit Africa before they passed and Ghana was their choice for this wish.

“We are One” – Uncle Redd in his address

Mother Fletcher addressing H.E. the President of Ghana expressed her deep appreciation towards the reception she has received in Ghana. She mentioned it had always been her dream to visit Ghana and said she hopes to make another visit. Her brother, Uncle Redd taking the mic addressed the shared unity of the African continent and the diaspora. Remarking to an applause, he stated “We are one”.

The President welcoming the guests mentioned that Ghana was in the process of drafting a Homeland Return Act which would guide the acquistion of Ghanaian nationality. Referencing the degradation of Black lives in the United States of America the President toasted the resilience of the African peoples which for him has been demonstrated by the prescence of the distinguished on Ghanaian soil.

The President went on to offer to Mother Fletcher and Uncle Redd Ghanaian citizenship and presented with them some Kente fabrics as well as a stool.

The President gifts to the guests a stool and some Kente fabrics

The visit of Mother Fletcher and Uncle Redd has been generously supported by the Diaspora Affairs Office and were ushered and received into the Presidency by Director, Akwasi Awua Ababio and his Deputy Nadia Adongo Musah.


Diaspora Engagement Policy Stakeholder Meeting

The Diaspora Affairs, Office of the President in collaboration with the Diaspora Affairs Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration (MFARI) and the Centre for Migration Studies (CMS), University of Ghana is in the process of finalizing a Diaspora Engagement Policy for Ghana.

The main purpose is to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between Ghana and its diaspora population. The process of drafting the policy involves a validation meeting with experts and key stakeholders with technical skills on the diaspora policy.

Please download the Diaspora Engagement Policy

Link for download:

Please download the Action Plan for Policy change .

Link for download:

Venue, To be Confirmed


Bringing Awareness to Men’s Health: American Rejuvenation Clinic

When it comes to health, men are known not to give it much consideration till they are really sick. Frequent check ups, preventive in nature, go a long way to prevent serious complications in one’s life. And this is the striving of American Rejuvenation Clinic, to bring men closer and to invest in their health.

The campaign to bring an awareness to men’s health is not the only interesting thing about this clinic. The clinic and it story registers as one of the many lesser known success stories of the Year of Return 2019 with the transfer of knowledge, skills and resources by Africans in the Diaspora to Ghana.

American Rejuvenation Clinic, situated in East Legon is founded by Tyrone Jamar. Tyrone, a Hormonal Replacement Therapist originates from Ohio, USA. Tyrone together with his brother now of blessed memory visited Ghana for an extended period during the Year of Return, 2019. Here, he travelled the length and breadth of the country having a much deeper feel of the of the country’s terrains and warmth. Tyrone mentions that during this time, Ghana felt familiar. For him, he felt a sense of belonging. He had discussions with his brother and they decided to set up something in Ghana which later turned out to be the clinic.

American Rejuvenation Clinic offers Preventive Medicine, anti-aging hormonal replacement therapy and testestorone diagnosis for men. The clinic has 26 staff members with facilities which includes a laboratory, two consultation rooms, pharmacy, physiotherapy, stabilization and an emergency centre. In this clinic, men are assured of complete privacy and confidentiality.

The clinic has also embarked on men’s health campaigns outside of its facility having conducted screenings for men in churches, organizations, keep fit clubs and various outlets. It is out of the need to raise awareness about men;s health that American Rejuvenation Clinic has declared the period between June 2021 and June 2022 as a 12 month men’s health awareness campaign. During this period, the clinic intends to partner with various organizations, schools, workspaces, keep fit clubs through screenings to get men to be more concerned about their health.

One can follow this campaign across their media platforms @american_rejuvenation_clinic or contact the clinic via email americanrejuv45@gmail.com. They can also be reached via phone (+233) 0 302 955 966 or via whatsapp (+233) 0 548 136 208.

Mr. Akwasi Awua Ababio, Director of Diaspora Affairs Meets with Africa’s Most Influential Youtuber, Wode Maya

Africa’s Popular Youtuber, Wode Maya honoured an invitation by Director, Diaspora Affairs to the visit the office at Jubilee House. In the meeting, Wode Maya shared his experiences as a Diasporan in China which led him to move back to Ghana and begin to show a different narrative of Africa. For Wode Maya, which means “My Mother” in Mandarin, and also his youtube channel name, sharing these narratives has always been a passion.

This passion Wode Maya explained has inspiration stemming from wanting to see a better and a positive narrative of Africa. Wode Maya, further expressed that he is always humbled by the reception he gets especially by many Africans in the Diaspora, some of whom have made the journey to Africa by watching and engaging with his videos.

Mr. Akwasi Awua Ababio responded by congratulating Wode Maya for his good works promoting Ghana and Africa to the world and also by being a conduit through whom many get to experience and engage Ghana and the African continent. He further went to assure Wode Maya of the office’s support toward’s his efforts in engaging the Diaspora.

Akwasi Awua-Ababio, Director of Diaspora Affairs Gives Keynote Address as the Grand Opening of the African Diaspora Business and Cultural Centre in Accra

Mr. Akwasi Awua-Ababio, Director of Diaspora Affairs, Office of the President gave the keynote address at the grand opening of the African Diaspora Business and Cultural Center in Accra Ghana on Spintex Road as part of activties on Juneteenth Emancipation Day, 2021. The event was hosted by Ministry of the Future and Drodai Company Limited.

In his address, Mr. Ababio made note that the Year of Return was based of the Right of Africans in the DIaspora have to return. The Year of Return, he continued gave birth to Beyond the Return which is an initiative to push the successes of the Year of Return in a more meaningful manner. However, the covid pandemic had been a setback for planned activities.

Mr. Ababio also made the connection between the Return of people in the Diaspora and Ghana’s economic emancipation capsuled in Ghana Beyond Aid agenda. According to Mr. Ababio in his address, The Return of the Diaspora is however not only for Ghana to rely on its Brothers and Sisters for their skills and resources but also to ensure the DIaspora is brought home and re-integrated.

Mr. Ababio further expressed his gratitude for the opening of the African Diaspora Business and Cultural Centre which will help shine light on how Ghana can move forward with the Diaspora.

Watch the full address below:

Diaspora Lodging Network: Palace Afrika

You are in Ghana. You are trying to find and create home. There is a plethora of hotels and lodgings yet you need a place to stay, and not just any place, a family and network of people to hold and support you while you transition and try to make Ghana home. This is where Palace Afrika places itself. Situated at Oyarifa, on the highway towards the Aburi mountains and about 40minutes away from Kotoka International Airport, Palace Afrika is a family lodge created by Prince Agbemble to facilitate that integral process of Diasporan connection and re-integration to Ghana.

Standard Room at Palace Afrika
Sitting Room in Apartments

When one gets to Palace Afrika, one is drawn into the lodge by the bright colours adorning the walls. A network of plants carefully planted and placed in pots adds to the rich colourful tapestry of the space. A testament to Afrikan cultures also is depicted in the bas-relief sculptures emanating from the walls. Living spaces sit on either side of the facility allowing for a courtyard space which hosts the central kitchen and a communal eating space serving as its spine. It is here, Prince invites people to come host their events in the spirit of ubuntu. Should one decide to stay, the lodge has rooms designed for various needs. There are apartments in the lodge should one come as a group. The apartments hosts two bedrooms with toilets and baths, a living area and a kitchen. Single rooms with toilets and baths are also featured as well as a studio apartment and a gym. One will be amazed how a single plot of land is able to host all these which stand in testament to Prince’s creativity.

Communal Eating Space

In a country where many would feel the need to leave to seek greener pastures, Prince is always keen to share his story which is quite the opposite. Having spent a copious amount of time outside the shores of Ghana, Prince decided to return and create something in Ghana, his land of birth. He expresses quite gleefully “Many people think I made my money outside. No, I made my money here” meaning Ghana. Prince upon returning to Ghana managed a few gyms in Accra as well as trained a few personal clients. It is from this venture he made his money to create Palace Afrika which now seeks to help others who move find their foot in the country. For Prince, he wants to see more of Diaspora returnees move out of Accra and create opportunities in other areas other than the capital.

Main Building at Palace Afrika

The Director of Diaspora Affairs, Mr. Akwasi Awua-Ababio honoured an invitation by Prince and met with him, musician Zakisha Brown and a few sisters from the Diaspora in the lodge over a delightful vegan meal prepared by Chef Imara at the lodge. In hearty conversations, Mr. Ababio amongst many other things expressed his gratitude to Prince for creating such a space to support the Diaspora. Other returnees who had stayed and were staying at the lodge expressed similar sentiments about how homey and helpful staying at the lodge has been.

From Left: Yaw Asare, Prince Agbemble (Owner of Palace Afrika), Zakisha Brown, Mr. Akwasi Awua-Ababio (Director, Diaspora Affairs), Sherrie Bumbray, Asma York, Imara Solwasi (Chef), Derrick

To sum up, let me quote Nana Patrice Lumumba’s words which is emboldened on the wall of one of the bedrooms in Palace Afrika. It says “Afrikan unity and solidarity are no longer dreams. They must be expressed in Decisions” and Palace Afrika is such a spatial family decision created by us and for us.

Prince (Palace Afrika) can be contacted via email at palaceafrika@gmail.com and can be followed on Instagram @palaceafrikalodge_ghana.

Parking Space Inside the Lodge