Our strategy aligns and achieves with government goals under three main ways: creating awareness about opportunities for diaspora business investments in Ghana, lobbying for political inclusion of Ghanaians living abroad and transforming remittances into sustainable development finance.
The Office achieves its objectives by collaborating with partner/stakeholder organizations in activities with shared interest and value. The following programmes and activities have been drawn to achieve the above objectives in 2018-2019:
a) Develop a website and comprehensive database of Ghanaians in the Diaspora.
b) Engage the Diaspora community to solicit their views for an effective Diaspora Engagement Policy.
c) Sensitization and engagement tour of selected countries with large number of
Ghanaians about government policies and engagement strategy.
d) Offer advice sections to address individual concerns ranging from business setup, land registration, queries about dual citizenship and offer institutional support for individual initiatives and projects.
e) Lobby and advocate for the removal of employment restrictions on dual citizens.
f) Organize trade and Investment fair-matching, linking and facilitating Diaspora ideas and concepts to Government initiatives.
g) Provide opportunity for businesses to reach out to the Diaspora community with innovative financial products such as Pension schemes, Savings and investments.
h) Improve capacity of Diaspora Desk Officers in Ghana Missions abroad to be able to address the needs, problems and concerns of our Diaspora community.
i) Facilitate dialogue among Diaspora Government appointees in Ghana to share knowledge and transfer best practices to improve their organizations.
j) Strengthen the bond between Ghana and her citizens in the Diaspora.
k) Engage second generation Diaspora citizens through Diaspora National Service scheme.
l) Carry out publicity/awareness campaign in the media, both conventional and social.