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Madam Rebecca L. Price’s visit to the Diaspora Affairs Office, Office of the President (DAOOP)

On Thursday 18th March 2022, the Diaspora Affairs Office, Office of the President hosted Madam Rebecca L. Price, at the seat of the Presidency, Jubilee House. She had a dialogue with Deputy Director Dr. Nadia Musah regarding ways to support African Americans in their transition to Ghana, especially the elderly who champion Ghana as a place to make home pre and post retirement. With a red and black high heels, royal green embroidered dress, with a golden yellow hat and jewelry, the fashion icon showed her love for the nation of Ghana in portraying its flag colours across her entire attire. Even her nose mask matched the colour scheme of our nation’s flag. Expressing her love for Ghana her adopted homeland Madam Rebecca highlighted her moving from the USA to Ghana (The Motherland) during Spring 2021 after having an incredible set of experiences here and being impressed with the love and welcome of the Ghanaian people. She came with her daughter Afia and Ambassador Millie Lorene Tucker of the State of the African Diaspora. 

Born in December 1936, Madam Rebecca was raised and educated in Los Angeles, California, USA. She completed her formal education in 1954, married her high school sweetheart in 1958 and in 1959 she began raising her family of four children. Her husband was an Aerospace Engineer during his lifetime but he passed away in 2012. She has spent her entire life serving The Lord, raising her family and constantly helping others to grow closer to God. 

She was given a Diaspora Affairs Office pin by the Deputy Director to welcome her to the office. 

Madam Rebecca, having been raised by Godly parents, became acquainted with Jesus at the tender age of nine years old. As she grew up, inspired by her maternal grandmother she developed a passion for both ‘Flowers and Fashion’. She became a business owner and entrepreneur in the mid 1960s. By the late 1970s Madam Rebecca was a top fashion sales woman and became well known and respected in the wholesale fashion industry and throughout the Los Angeles, California area. 

Madam Rebecca became the founder and director of a major fashion show production company known as Runway Productions, as well as one of the few African American women to pioneer a path amongst some of the country’s top clothing designers. Her name and unique professional style were personally known by designers such as David Hayes, Marie Gray of St. John Knits, and Diane Freis to name a few. During her career her fashion skills became so widely known that she was requested to personally assist the Hollywood Entertainment Industry.

During the early 1990s Madam Rebecca was again called upon as a personal shopper to assist Madam Winnie Madikizel-Mandela during her visit to Los Angeles, California, USA. 

As the Founder and director of Runway Productions Madam Rebecca has designed and produced hundreds of runway fashion shows. Aslo, as a Floral Designer she has coordinated and designed the most magnificent floral arrangements for enumerable weddings, special events, dining occasions, homes, mansions and countless projects for individuals, churches, businesses and television. She has over 50 years experience in both Fashion Design and Floral Industries. 

Surprisingly inspired by her oldest son Madam Rebecca made a life changing decision in April 2021 to continue her life of retirement and return home to THE MOTHERLAND. Her journey has not been without challenge but the success of her permanent transition to Ghana has been a journey of a lifetime. She is here to stay… as a mother, grandmother, friend and neighbour. As an African of the Diaspora repatriating home to The Motherland at age 85years old and better known now as “GRANDMA”.